Apparat – Krieg und Frieden (Music For Theatre) (Mute – 2013)



i made a record and i’m quite proud of it. It’s the first record ever that didn’t hurt at some point. It’s full of imperfection because it was made by humans. I decided to not do a single interview, skip the promo marathon and make it available for you asap. This time YOU are the promo machine. Please share if you want to support what i’m doing.
Krieg und Frieden is the theatre soundtrack i wrote last year. We went to the studio and made a bit of a weird record with not many beats and lots of drones. I hope you like it.
I’d like to thank Mäckie and Phillip and everyone who was involved! And i want to thank you for listening to my music for more then a decade! If you stay i’m not gonna leave either.

Apparat / Krieg und Frieden – Music for Theatre will be out on MUTE February 15th (18th).



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